Bride’s ceremony

Heard din at the horizon
Someone crushing turmeric
With the tons of clouds..
To tint yellow shade on
Eternal bride, steeling her
For nuptial – blushing glee
Of her made wild turmeric
As in orange shade
Oh! The bride is vibrating
Radiant glow and warm.
Even moon got jealous
On her beauty – peeling her
Orange skin gradually
Veils her under dark clouds .



I edict, the sky to ceaze breeze
Dump all clouds to make my bed
Clasp moon in dawn for me to appease
String lilies for fragrance to spread

Make the world to standstill
Even bees should utter silence
For Me to write, the words to spill
My love is waiting for my verse

Yesternight, I got you on my dream
Thought of me to write you
Yet, you hide from my words stream
Instructing me to dream anew

Bidding lot to find you in brain
Oops! Couldn’t get anything out
Here I am pauper of words again
Curse my language for flout…


At the crack of dawn

In dove grey night, near desolated tree
Heard fiddler’s mild tune
Soul dance like wave of sea
With droopy eyes as loon

Lonely soiree for all my forfeit
Muddled me for all my bid
That tasted only the flavour of defeat
Brain bashed by dynamite that hid

Under heart for ages, high on
grief, reaching paradise
Full of dark – look like wan
Expecting tint of sunrise

There comes guardian spirit
Guides me to the crack of dawn
All the way crushing meteroite
After all embellish my head with crown.



On silvery night, over the mountain
You sneaks me out for our love
When clouds kissed the mountain
Chilly breeze made me freeze
your hands reached mine,
lips caressed me as feather
Blaze from your love,
Turned as saviour for me
Under the witness of stars
Two souls get high on love –
Doping ours by us.
When the moon slip off
from the rim of mountain
You sink me in eternally.


Boredom sketch

Rewinding fastly, 10,000 years ago where we swing beyond moon propelled by our epic Love. While propelling back visioning my future with you…

Today my brain isn’t permitting me to write anything except my rough sketches like this.




Boon becomes curse

Oh! My moon you came to me as boon
My gentle touch lessen you to lune
Ease my hands on you to soothe
Forget to hold slow my breath

Heat of my breath vanish you as half
Like cotton candy, you dissolved off
from my hand, by the spark of my air
My desire for you – became err

At times get away from love is sane
If not that would go under spell of vain
Adoring from far away also be magical
Few things should left untouched for untragical


Cupid’s wicked arrow

Once, submerged in pride of my laurels
Kept my head high, as an armed woman
Guarding my country was my only moral
Until I saw you across the border

Eyes of mine met yours, forget my moral
Lost by the pierce of cupid’s poisoned arrow
Brain screamed that it shouldn’t happen
Heart entrapped in the path of narrow

Cursed me to born on lands with border
How could one control soul not to cross?
The pride of my laurels turned out as disorder
Soul pleaded me to lost in your embrace

If I did so, I am the bloody sinner to my land
land which praised me would curse me as traitor
Trailed off my love, I hailed high for my land
Wished me for to born later in boundless world.


Fantasy or fantasising

On gloomy night,
On cracky bed,
lying silently.
The world was so calm
No noise except
Creaky sound of fan
and a heart beats
ambience is so heavy
Air filled with vagueness
Everything seems blurring,
like distant object
Soul looks for bliss
Longs to change –
Ambience more lively
But there is no hint
for bliss at time
Strangely soul finds
A light in distant
Like star afar
Racing ahead to reach star
Hope that is the light-
Longing by the soul,
After a while
The star took a look
Pity on that soul
Reaching down to embrace
Yeah, that soul ready
to lost in embrace
Find glee in
fantasize life sometimes


Capitulating me

Aftermath of heavy rain, heart longs
for solitude – reaches lushy meadow
on sensuous dusk, lingering on songs
The eyes spot luminous rainbow

Dipping me on moist greeny grass
mysterious beauty sends me baffle.
Only your thoughts make me engross
glimpse of you made my spine shivers

Your eyes holds mine for very long
sinks me down in your whirlpool
makes tougher for me to get along
capitulate me for you to uphill

The dusk fades away for our solitude
The moon drench us with milky light.
Your closeness seduce me to seclude
from Earthly life and to get enlight.