When I am staring at you in my “me time “
I wonder what you think about me that time
Are you really listening to rhythm of my heart
If so, what you feel out of those heart beats

I forget you’re common one for this world
Monopolised you for me in my own world
Bcoz am having tons of things to share
After all you’re only witness for everything I bear

While I see you as fatty round cotton ball
I tends to get under trance easing on wall
Soft breeze caress me to calm my wounds
Your silvery glow makes me to fly on ground

Sometimes I extend my hand to touch you
In a wish you may scoop me there with you
I wonder you would be soft and fluffy to lay down
Maybe this is common on full moon day who knows!



Life will be unfair sometimes
Can’t predict things at times
Collect as much as memories
Let’s chew that throughout ages

It’s good to go with flow
Enjoy little joys with glow
There is no syntax for happy
It’s no fault in poem with no smilie

Bliss is in pure love and bare heart
Unsaid good byes would hurt a lot
Raw feelings is asset of this life
Even melancholy feels good at later

Like pain turns out as an art
Emotions are beauty from heart
Ignorance is bliss sometimes
Try not to understand all things


Desire for good night

You are like shadow of moon on my lake
Where I could see you close by God’s sake
You are virtual, I could feel you like breeze
Since my touch would made you collapse

At times you are at peak of luminescence
Inducing me to melt on your essenceā€¦
But I was cursed to untouch and stay away
Hard to be desolate and to go in other way

You’re like the partner I never had but you’re not mine
I can’t tie myself with you by ring as mine
But I will wear your heart in my jewelry
Your body etched in my ribcage clearly

I knew it is hard to rise for me every time
You’re wanted in my empty bed all night
To calm my future terror with your light
Whether or not I choose to say goodnight



Desire to have full of you within my soul..
Here I am looking for you with curious smile
Made sure to attend your call on first ring
No texts from you aren’t unseen in my chat
I am there as fresh as morning dew for you,
in our 3 Am video calls with stupid smile.
Not ready to blink my eyes bcoz I don’t want to miss any single moment of us
My nights are to evaporate by your warm
Your heart beats tend to knock my ears
Perfectly rhyming my lullaby on your chest
Yeah, you were busy sometimes but
I wish you weren’t, hold you in my breath
Need you in each and every second of life
I knew everything would shatter down soon
But now my heart thumps for togetherness
So that I can stick our film under my eyelids
For me to see us together after we parted..



Always a girl wish for her to be town
Rather than city for weekend getaways
She prefers to be home for her love
Rather than hotel room for sneaky pleasure
She couldn’t be a street meat for the one
Who she loves, she is homemade jam
Wish to give sweetness for long
She is not a whiskey in man’s life
She is the water in her love’s life
Yet sometimes life throw her in pit
Out of love she tends to sacrifice her dignity
And it’s easy to say a girl as slut
But a girl passing through tough times
Either to prefer love or dignity
If she choose for love she would be slut
And her heart would scream forever
That she isn’t hotel room and whiskey
She is the home with water to quench thirst


Endless road

Wishing for the eternal day with you
When roads get moist after first rain
Slow drive towards endless roads
Passing greeny and mushy fields
Getting warm by holding your hands
With frequent pecks on cheeks
My eyes fixed on yours
Distracting yours from road
Smiling gladly through out the way
Silent prayers for road to extend further..


Love’s spell

I admit I was afraid to love
Made my heart closed for belove,
Thought I would get hurt by love
So I had no space for love in my nerve

Here Fate plays well, though I ran
Love clasped my soul apart my ban
My brain ordered heart not to began –
Love episodes bcoz it will end in vain

Who could escape from love’s spell?
I was trapped in love, that filled my skull
Though brain screamed “what if you fall?”
Heart opted for the thing, way for hell

Obviously love story wouldn’t be fairy tale
Instead of blush cheeks would get pale
Like roller-coaster ride you curse and hail
After all it’s rush of oxytocin in us to avail


‘You with me’

Sometimes I keep my eyes close,
wondering what if we run away?
With least care for the correct way.
Does it matter when we were close?

As long as you’re with me
I am fine with anything
I would feel year long spring
It would be perfect – ‘you with me’

Yet life shows different paths
Here we have to travel separately
Wishing for any miracles badly
Heart cries to find us similar path

Yeah we know it should be like this.
Still hope for holding your hands
Want to possess you as strictly mine
At same time letting you to get away from me.


Fault in our stars

Once you came in my life as glistening star
I hold your brightness as happy in my path
Walking endlessly in search of land afar
By holding your hands in parallel path

Each and every step we get closer by heart
Celebrating you in my life as precious gift
Now our hearts falling for each other
Yet couldn’t embrace you under my breath

There we face the fault in our stars
We bound to travel in not met parallel paths
Still heart racing for togetherness
Longing for each other in whole life



In the middle of nowhere in dark
Have no one to hold on for safe
Drowning in the heavy cruel dark
Choking out in an emotional heck

Searched for solace from closed one
Fate, lost that caring person
It’s better to grieve alone
Than pain undervalued by someone

Closing all torments inside ribcage
Trying to live in own under cage
Still pain rushed out of rage
Only words made brain engage

So this pity damsel overcome mess
When the words come as bless
The heavy heart gloomly confess,
her pain in words as relief from stress